Open MRI

What is MRI Used for?

MRIs are effective for imaging the whole body and are especially useful for evaluating the following conditions:

  • Brain Disorders
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Eye Abnormalities
  • Spine Diseases
  • Tumor Detection
  • Liver and Abdominal Diseases
  • Knee and Shoulder Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Facial/Neck Abnormalities
  • Infection
  • Cardiac Malformations
  • Blood Flow and Vessel Disorders

Are MRIs Safe?

MRIs use a safe magnetic field in conjunction with radio waves to read signals that are given off of body tissue. Computers process these signals and turn them into an MRI image. Different contrast levels in the image are translated during the procedure from varying tissue characteristics. There are no known side effects of MRI.

What to Expect:

MRI is a non-invasive diagnostic tool. It is also painless. You may hear low-pitch knocking sounds from the imaging process in motion. Depending on the physician’s diagnostic needs, the MRI procedure lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Patients need to remain still during the process. No preparation is usually needed before an MRI scan other than the removal of makeup and metal such as hairpins and jewelry.

Save with an Open MRI

Many patients, especially those with high-deductible health insurance, worry about the cost of MRI. But the truth is that having an open MRI in our office is affordable, convenient and doesn’t cause the feelings of claustrophobia that are often associated with traditional MRIs.

Accept All Insurances

We are contracted with all insurances at Roswell Open MRI, and will bill yours quickly and efficiently for reimbursement.
If you have been told you need an MRI but aren’t sure where to start, the first step is to contact our office at
575-623-4674. We can give you a great open MRI experience to help you advance your care and treatment with comfort and precision.

An Open, Relaxing MRI Experience

If you are looking for a safe and relaxing MRI experience, you have come to the right place. Many patients are intimidated by traditional MRI machines because of the tight, tunnel-like space. Fortunately, we are able to offer open MRI right here in our Roswell office. This revolutionary technology makes the MRI experience much more comfortable for patients, as there are no walls surrounding you. Roswell Open MRI is dedicated to your care and comfort while you are here in our modern, comfortable, state-of-the-art office. We will help you feel at ease throughout the MRI process.

High-Field MRI – Hitachi Elite

Open MRI machine

High-field MRI machines offer better image details than low-field models. Our Hitachi Elite high-field open MRI machine is designed to provide precision images to help us better diagnose your problem and more accurately guide your care.

Open MRI machines are designed with open sides to alleviate feelings of claustrophobia in patients. By contrast, conventional MRI have the tendency to make patients feel anxious during their exam because they are shaped like a tunnel.

While traditional magnetic resonance imaging procedures often leave patients feelings confined and uncomfortable in the machine’s tight openings, an Open MRI is a completely open system, comfortably hosting all patients.

The Panoramic Open Magnetic Resonance Imager is designed to ease patient anxiety. Patients don’t have to put their heads in the bore as they do with a traditional tunnel magnetic resonance imager.

However this convenience has led to the misconception that they generate scans of inferior quality, leading to misdiagnosis. This is not true. In fact, today’s Open MRI systems offer quality that is just as good, if not better, than traditional imagers, so you can be assured that the resulting images will retain as much detail as possible.