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Roswell Open MRI

It is YOUR CHOICE when it comes to your MRI service, just like choosing where to fill your prescriptions.

We are committed to provide excellent level of care. MRI is a critical diagnostic tool for physicians. Our radiologists are all fellowship trained, and ready to provide your referring doctor with outstanding reading so that he or she can complete your care. We are contracted with all insurance companies and are able to bill for reimbursement quickly and effectively.

How do I choose?

An open MRI is just as diagnostic as a closed system, but appeals to a lot more patients.

Benefits of using an Open MRI include higher level of patient comfort, reduced claustrophobia lower cost!

The quality of a diagnostic exam does not depend on T strength alone. For most types of MR exams, the keys to a successful test include:

  • a system that meets the physical needs of the patient
  • updated software and hardware
  • Extensively trained technicians


Patients who have pacemakers or aneurism should not have MRIs. If you have a metal implant, speak with your physician or the radiological staff before having an MRI performed.

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