Scheduling and Appointments


We schedule our scans at specific times of the day. Below is a convenient exam schedule for MRI Scans, and the office location. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at  575-623-4MRI.

Patients calling for an appointment will be asked to provide their insurance card and the name and address of their referring physician.


Certain exams have specific requirements that need to be followed. When scheduling your appointment, make sure to ask about the requirements for your exam.

It is OK to eat and drink on the day of your exam.

When coming for your appointment, please:

-Avoid any metal on your clothes, and any jewelry.

-Make us aware of any implants that you may have, like pacemakers, dentures, pumps, metal fragments.

-Make us aware if you think you may be pregnant.

-Make us aware if you have a recent tattoo.

These instructions will help to make your exam more comfortable and pleasant.